Chateau Grand Lartigue
Saint-Emilion Grand Cru

After four years of research around the most beautiful terroirs in Bordeaux, it is in this vineyard that the story of Vitisvintage started. This estate is located in the foothills of Saint Emilion on ancient sand. A fantastic soil which gives grapes the potential to have an extraordinary aroma.

• Since 2001, a modern and understated winery has made it possible for the estate to produce wines that show their true potential. In 2006 a new yard and a new air-conditioned bottle storage area were built. We then begin a restructuring program at the estate to enable it to best express its soil features: new technical means of optimising the quality and development of our wines.

•At the same time, the cultural policy has been updated: well cultivated soil, using very few or no chemicals, new planting density of 7,500 vines/ha instead of 5,000 vines/ha, a rigorous monitoring to allow each vineyard to express its full potential and to offer the best grape quality.

Château Grand Lartigue, an excellent Saint-Émilion great wine, is magnificently made from Merlot (80%). This nectar perfectly reveals the way of the land.

Since 2009, our step-by-step approach has allowed us to think about our wines, and to revive Château Queryon Lartigue (AOP Saint-Émilion), which reveals the vineyards producing the smoothest and most fruity wines. This work paid off for the 2012 vintage with a Gold Medal and a star in the famous Guide Hachette for this wine.
Find below the wines of Chateau Grand Lartigue


AOC Saint Émilion - Dry red wine



AOC Saint Émilion grand Cru - Dry red wine

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